Confidentiality Policy

CodeCarry Technologies are committed to protecting your project information.

Protection of Confidential Information

We have precise and robust policies that ensure the data security and confidentiality for our clients. We follow the proper discipline before, during and after the project believing that the disciplined work leads to good relations.

CLIENT Non-Disclosure Agreement

Client NDA ensures a secure environment for work .Main motive reduce the inconsistency risks between the client and the company. It ensures the client about the security and the privacy and also opens the doors for working together on the upcoming projects,as client already familiar the company policies.

EMPLOYEE Non-Disclosure Agreement

The employees at CodeCarry Technologies are well-trained to achieve high moral values while completing their targets. Our strict employee policies prevent the employees from misusing the data, project related information, IDs and all other tools used by the company.


CodeCarry Technologies ensure the complete transparency while we exchange the information with our clients. Only our authorized employees are given the access to that information and it is never used without client's permission.


CodeCarry Technologies holds the right to change the confidentiality policy anytime, either partially or totally, depending on the requirements. At the same time, we ensure regular interaction with our clients and inform them about the changes made in the policy.